Human Truths

The human nature shown in this book are the inability for humans to not be able to handle power, how it is built on the "fight or flight' instinct, to look to objects for comfort, and that survival of yourself is the main priority (these truths are in order to correlate with my two pieces of text evidence).

""Just you wait, kid... You will see what it costs to leave your work... You'll pay for this later... And now go back to your place"" (Weisel 57). This quote and picture shows how Idek abused his new power and went against someone who was in there for the same reason (his religion). The painting shows the person with his shadow of what he used to be.
"Faster, you filthy dogs!" (Weisel 85). This represents how like a conductor, the officers were pushing them far past their limits, but the SS officers intents were to kill them off and make them suffer, which is not usually the intent of a conductor.
"In the wagon... I was sixteen" (Weisel 101-102). This picture shows some shapes closer together and darker to show a fight happening, but they gradually leave and get lighter, showing those who are being in flight and leaving versus those who are fighting.
"I had no right to let myself die" (Weisel 87). This shows the need to fight even if others want to fly away.
""I... I'm afraid... They'll break... my violin... I... I brought it with me"" (Weisel 94). This shows how connected someone can be to an instrument.
""If you don't give me your crown, it will cost you much more!"" (Weisel 55). In this picture it looks like she is keeping the dog from being taken from her, which relates to Weisel keeping his crown.
"Our first act as free men was to throw ourselves onto the previsions. That's all we thought about. No thought of revenge, or of parents. Only of bread" (Weisel 115). This picture shows many people trying to get food, just like the Jews.
""Listen to me, kid... In fact, you should be getting his rations"" (Weisel 110-111). This picture shows how greedy and awful you can get if you get starved and tourtured.
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