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I like the designs on this picture and the symmetry the artist uses. I also like the different patterns an lines that she uses. I think the artist intended to shift from big to small with the lines.
In this piece I like the shadowing and the mysteriousness of this piece. I like all of the lines and different shades of this piece. I think that that artist intended to have the person looking at this piece wondering whats going on and who is this person that they are looking at and the artist did a good job with this.
I like how this piece looks so realistic and how he looks 3D. I also like all of the details the artist uses on him and on the buildings behind him. I feel that the artist intended to capture all of the details and shading in this piece and he did a great job with it.
I like how the artist uses the persons head as a home with steps, windows, doors and everything. I find that very interesting how he did this. I think the artist intended to show symbolism that the head is your temple/ home.
I like the simplicity of the picture yet it still shows how much detail is involved in it. I like the bright sky and how it had different shades of blue in it everywhere in the picture. I also like how the artist painted it from a distance. I think the artist intended to capture all of the beauty around the mountains.
I like this piece of art because the artist made a graceful picture of a woman without even going deep into detail. He also uses a weird choice of colors but it ends ** fitting it. I think the artist intended to have you wonder what this image is of and to portray it yourself.
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