the way she moves you

This gallery will present portraits and photos of women.  You will see how a woman's grace, beauty and physique creates a natural movement in a painting or image.

Dolores Olmedo is posing with a basket in her left hand, while curtseying. The bright colors on the woman moves your eyes to her immediately. Naturally you move to her face and work down. The lines and shadows in the bottom of her dress creates a downward movement from left to right.
Glory is an angel walking up stairs with a Grecian headband. The dress has a natural flow that creates a focal point at her midsection. The wings are light so that is the last place my eyes moved in the painting. The arms laying out moves your eyes from her shoulders to her hands. The movement in this painting is extraordinary.
A weakened king lays while people come to his aid. There is a lot of movement in this painting, the focal point being the king with his bright red outfit. The nude women moved my eyes from the king to them, and then on to the items being held by what seems to be the wizard. With so much going on in the center of the painting, you focus solely on that area, then move out to the backdrop.
A lady defends herself against the angel Eros, while sitting on a rock. The lines in this painting start the movement from the outside edges, and then move you in to the center. Use of colors direct your eyes to the center, where you then move to the characters to understand what is happening in the image.
A beautiful woman is being crowned by an elderly man. The lighting in the lady's face and on her dress made her the main focal point of the photo. As you start at her face and work down to her dress, you go back up and move left to see the elderly man. The point where they captured the man, with his arms placing the crown on her head, created the right to left movement from the lady to the man.
Judith holding a sword, looking up at what i suspect to be the person/thing she is protecting herself from. Judith is the main focal point of the portrait. With her eyes looking up, it moves you from the center to following her eyes. I like the use of colors going from light at the top and getting darker moving down. The colors, along with the lines in the dress, moves the eyes down and away from where she is looking.
A classical portrait of Sandra Day O'Connor sitting in a chair. The bland, dark colors in her outfit and in the background, help focus the viewer to her face. The light colors creates a flow from her face to her lap.
A classic Greek pose of Minerva holding a shield in one hand, and spear in the other. With all the lines being in the center of the portrait, and Minerva's body; her midsection becomes the main focal point. The glow coloring in the shield and her face moves the painting from center to a view around the edges admiring the detail in the headgear.
A lady gracefully holding a glass with her head slightly tilted. The large scale of the woman makes her the obvious focal point of the painting. But somehow the flow of her dress moved my eyes to the city background. I then moved back to view the details of what she is holding, and try to understand her feelings.
A picture of Queen Elizabeth as a child when she was still a Princess. The shadows in her eyes and mouth are the only "dark" spots in the photo, drawing your attention directly to the face. The way she is posing moves your focus from her face, down her arms to then look back at the image as a whole.
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