Matthew Wilson

Personal Perspective #1 This piece of art was likely created to express the life of the man in its foreground. The placement of the old boat in the background and the sea to his front likely represents his career as a fisherman. The old figure sets propped up against the boat gazing out to a sea he cannot fish anymore due to his old age. The coastal landscape portrays the harsh environment a fisherman may have to endure. The man appears as if he has given his life to the sea and now that his fishing days are over, he fears the loneliness that waits at the village at his back. This piece likely served as a tribute to the fisherman who, for years, provided the economic power of the small coastal town. The reason this piece of art grabbed my attention was the old man propped against the boat. At first I envisioned a dog outside the frame playing in the water. Then on closer inspection I recognized the old man’s gaze at the sea. His subtle yet intense stare captured my imagination. As I began to try and edict his life, the other elements of the photo, along with my life experiences, began to shape the way I saw the art and how I interpreted its meaning.