Nature Walk

My name is Aaron Stedman. The theme for this gallery is nature in art. From landscapes to animals. From plants to ocean waves. It's all about the environment and the world around us. The beauty of the earth and what it has to offer. A journey to follow and sites to explore.

In this piece you can see a painting of a landscape using atmospheric perspective, it gives the viewer a head on look over the green hills and the tall luscious trees. The color pallet is very vibrant
This piece gives you a different look on what a landscape is. The patterns and textures in it help you get a grasp of what the piece really is. Although the work is simplified. It has it's own beauty.
Another landscape painting but this one is very different from the last. The colors in this piece alone gives it it's own character. It's like organized chaos in the rolling hills.
This piece showing a man walking through a snow storm with a wagon. With the deliberate brush strokes it gives the sense of the harshness of a winter storm and the dangers nature can have.
This image of a deer running through snow gives a perfect depiction of true nature's grace. The elegance of the prancing deer on the fresh snow gives a sense of calmness toward this piece.
This is a simple piece with trees and a setting sun sky. The greens and blues of the sky behind the pitch black trees gives the work a sense of comfort and wonder.
This painting of a little girl sitting on the rocks of a river bank is so vibrant and colorful. It makes you wonder and imagine just like what the little girl is doing.
This image depicts what looks like a parent and child walking through the park in the night. I like this image because it's very simple but serene. The red glow gives a soothing feel.
This work depicting the first tracks of a fresh snow is beautiful to look at. The texture it gives looks as if there was actual snow someone walked through. The colors of the morning sun are brilliant
This painting of a sunset over the ocean looks like a picture. The detail the man put into this is astounding and the atmospheric perspective gives it the feeling like we're actually there.
Credits: All media
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