changing Spring -    Saisurya Kanaparthy

I decided to make an exhibition based on spring. Spring is full of bright colors, the blossoming of flowers and trees, and the reemergence of animals like birds. I wanted to focus on something thematically simple so that I could find a wide variety of works to put into my exhibition. Although, I did narrow down my options by choosing only paintings, regardless of the type of paint used. Personally, I think spring is best displayed through paintings rather than installments or sculptures because a wider variety of colors can be used and there is an abundance of color in spring. Moreover, I chose several paintings which I believed represented spring the best and broke them down into several categories. I ended up with some more Asian styled paintings, some European styled ones, and some contemporary ones. In this exhibition, I hope to capture the essence of spring itself while comparing the techniques used in various parts of the world when depicting nature. Please feel free to take a look at my exhibition and tell me what you think about. 

Credits: All media
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