well rounded

The circle has many meanings including wholeness, perfection, infinity and unity. This is a collection of art depicting things in a round shape. 

This is a perfectly symmetrical, mirrored close up photo of what appears to be a leaf. On the leaf's surface, there are several water droplets that take the form of a circle.
This is a glass mirror or cover with jade and glass. There are many circular shapes in this piece of art There are also a lot of swirling textured parts to it.
This circular pice of pottery is an earthenware Black-figure kylix with a circular design in the center. This type of wide bowl was typically used as a drinking cup.
This is a photo of a staircase that was taken with a camera that has a fisheye lens attached. the fisheye lens gives the illusion of the circular shape seen in the photo.
This coin is called a tetradrachm and it was the image of the greek God Poseidon embossed on its side.
The interlocking, mesh-like design accompanied by the circular designs in the center of this piece for a larger circle with a crumpled edge
A photo of the earth at sunrise, taken from the moon on the Apollo-Saturn 8 mission on December 27, 1968. Your eyes are drawn immediately to the round earth surrounded by darkness.
The title of this photo "two hundred and eighty one", refers to the number of years that the tree has lived thats this slab of circular wood comes from. There are 281 rings in the center of the slab.
A bronze wheel ornament, made in china between 1600 and 1046 BC, that resembles many steering wheels today.
Japanese painter Seiko Takeuchi created this work of art in 1933. The painting depicts the sun rising through the clouds. The sun is the focal point.
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