Pivotal people in the Russian Revolution of 1917

Tsar Nicholas II with his family, in Naval uniform. This shows two great reasons for why Tsar Nicholas II led to the October revolution.
He was too family orientated to care about governmental responsibilities and because of this he had little knowledge of the country's status. He also was a soldier, not trained in ruling
Lenin was an excellent public speaker, a leader of the Bolshevik party and had strong beliefs - he believed his opinions and ideas were ALWAYS correct and would be carried through.
Certain factors that were key in leading to him securing power and domineering the revolution was his April Thesis. This stated all his ideals and really made the working class rally behind him.
But Lenin is not the only pivotal figure depicted in this photograph. In the bottom right of the pedestal, you can see Trotsky overlooking the crowd.
Trotsky was good at swaying crowds, he was so convincing that he even convinced The Bolshevik party members that Germans would infiltrate the Provisional Gov. This led to the taking over of the P Gov.
Trotsky was also pivotal in keeping The Bolsheviks stable by developing and commanding the Red Army which was used to combat the Anti-Bolshevik Army.
Even Joseph Stalin played a role in the revolution, as he assisted in hiding Lenin in times of distress and helped him avoid capture. He even helped maintain Bolshevik stability by ordering them to surrender.
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