Who Am I?

While we live life, we alway think about ourselves, who we are. It is sometimes black, sometimes white, and sometime colorful. While you watch this gallery, you might can think of yourself image or identity.

This young knight Seems confident but deep down he's quite insecure, because if we see his face is showing that he is scared. Like this young knight, you might feel in the same way and same identity.
John looks very confident, majestic, and looks well-behaved. Besides, inside is also magnificent as outside, because, we can see that his face looks very comfortable.
He is a great man, but sometimes he also thinks about small or unnecessary. As this president's carver, you would also want to be a great man, but you would also want to think about a small thing.
We can know that he is not confident how he is showing. When we see his face, he is not smiling at all. While we live life, we might think about ourselves out showing, and we might think that we are not confident with our selves.
This old man is not having much food or drink, so he is too skinny. However, this man is looking the sun, and finding for hope. You might think that you are not having enough things, but your self esteem makes you think about and find for hope.
This bride is getting ready to be someone's person. And she is thinking about the future that she will have with her husband. As this woman, you might have though that you think about future, because of identity and self esteem.
This guy's outside looks so tired, and old. However, his inside is very reliable, and gracious. The reason is that his out looking is very old, however, he is still believing in jesus.
This big person looks very bad, but he looks very confident. This gentleman stood very straight, and his face also looks very confident.
If we see this person stereotypically, you might say that this person is a man, however, this person is woman. By looking at this picture, you can know yourself that if you are a stereotyping person.
This woman take really carefully about a baby because she loves the baby. This feeling is coming from inside of her heart and showing to outside. Like her, you can think that you also take really careful about what you love.
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