The Study of Man

 This is a gallery of how Michelangelo study the structures and curves of man, and showing man in many forms of weakness to fighting.

Here you can see Michelangelo practice the basic structures of and strong arm. If you look at the top arm, you can see a faint line underneath in which he used to guide the direction and shape he wishes to match. You can see the tendons in the arm, and see them tightened or tensed to show the amount of strength he was trying to portray.
Michelangelo started work tracing the human body in its purist form. He is using this to study the shapes of the body. The body is a bit a disproportionate losing the depth the he may have been attempting to create.
This piece is close to the design of the piece "Male Nude [recto]" but Michelangelo seems to reach the proportions of the body more accurately. There is a man behind the person in the foreground, almost hidden, and this represents an angel, or a devil whispering in the ear, and the man seems to be at odds, with what to do.
Here you can see two men fighting, the conturing lines represent muscle and give a sense of strength. The second man is almost out of frame. He appears to being lifted up as their feet is off the ground. Michelangelo is able to tell a small story using simple lines with heavy brush strokes.
Here you can see a man walking with his arms crossed, he gives the appearance of frustration, or injury. The artist has darkened the legs to possibly show shadow or blood, as if the man had been in a fight.
This piece is based off of the statue "The Madonna and Child" or "The Virgin and Child." It shows jesus laying in the arms of his mother, and jesus is considerably smaller, to show an almost weakness of a child, even though he is shown as a full grown man. The Madonna, is a towering woman, always looking after her child.
Here, Michelangelo is studying the male figure and their arms. You can almost see a reflection of the skill that the artist has. You is using different methods of shading to create curves of the muscles and body.
The archers are representations of angels, that are practicing their shot on a statue. Most of the angels do not carry bows, but the seem intensely focused. There are some smaller angels on the ground, which appear to be resting or dead. He could be using this to represent men going off to war, and leaving their families behind, and out of their minds.
Here you can see Saint Anthony fighting off demons, he appears to be ascending to heaven, and the demons, or fallen angels appear to be almost jealous. The golden circle around Saint Antony's head, represents and halo, or the sun. The artist uses bright colors around the saint showing good, dark reds for the devils showing evil, and an almost lackluster, showing almost no importance in what is around them.
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