Religion in color - (Omar Ramirez)

This gallery includes Islamic and Christian art that shows how their color choices compare with one another in artworks such as paintings, sculptures, and other mediums. This gallery also compares how different beliefs and environments, bring up different types of artwork.

This Mosque Lamp is an example of the types of oil lamps used to light up a Mosque/Muslim place of worship. The colors used for this lamp are blue, red, green, and gold. Qur'an text is usually on the lamp also.
This bronze cup was first used as a luxury item but later into something with miracle powers. This cup has Quran text in silver color. It was believed that if one were to drink from this, one could be cured from an illness. Much artwork from the religion of Islam contains Qur'anic quotations.
This painting is supposed to represent the story of al Buraq, who carried Muhammed into the heavens. Al Buraq is the creature shown. This Islamic art uses colors such as blue, red, green, orange, and different shades of brown. Islamic painting display darker colors when compared to Christianity artwork.
This is a painting of an Islamic religious leader. This painting shows dull colors. Colors used are grey, black, red, and blue. The use of dull colors was probably due the the environment of the artist and what the place actually looked like in this painting.
This painting shows Christ with his wounds next to two angels. The colors used in this painting are gold, white, and brown. Paintings in the Christianity religion show usually show Christ, angels, and saints that are important.
This statue is a representation of Ansgar as a symbol of when he put effort in trying to spread Christianity north of Denmark. This is a stone statue with minimal color. Some gold is shown on the outfit of the statue.
This artwork is a great example of showing color differences when comparing Islam and Christianity artwork. For example, many bright colors are shown giving importance to jesus as demonstrated with the white beams of light over him. All the dead are in grey representing they are not alive anymore and Christ is the only one in color.
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