Work of Women: Clar 209

Beautiful artwork, focusing on women in the 19th and 20th century. These pieces of artwork reflect what life was like back in the day. I chose this type of gallery to show the different types of women that have existed in societies over many years.

M. McDonough Class Clare 209 2013

The first thought that pops into my head when looking at this painting is that i wonder what the three of them are thinking about. They are all occupied with an activity in what looks like a living room . The oils used on this painting give the picture so much life and great color. The shadows seen are great and create a very clear vision for the observer. Renoir creates enough movement to feel as if you're in the painting and or can feel what is going on inside of it.
Mary Cassatt is a terrific painter. She is well known for her work as an Impressionist. Her paintings of women and their children are so beautiful. They create vivid images of life. Cassatt uses more colors on the background of the painting instead of the young girl herself. I think its to show the innocence of the girl and create the sense that she has been doing her hair for a longer period of time.
This is one of my personal favorites. The artist uses line terrifically making the image feel as if you could take it right off the page. I like the idea of it too. I enjoy the concept of this painting having two uses of the term art in it. One by the painting itself and two by the fact that music is included. The pastels used for the dresses are simply beautiful!
This painting looks as if it is two paintings combined together to make one whole. The women on the left looks tired and distraught over her work and the women on the right appears working hard. I think the story behind it could be that both images are actually of the same person. Alter ego perhaps. The idea that this could be a painting of day and night. Working hard on the right and slowly ready to quit on the left after a hard day at work. It amazes me to see the shadows and how much that can affect one painting.
The colors used in this picture are beyond beautiful. This is three paintings in one. One of the tapestry in the background, two of the women herself, and three the mirror she is holding . Reid uses expressionism to show the mood of the woman and to demonstrate that the mirror is in the painting in hopes that the observer sees its reflection perhaps (theoretically speaking anyways.)
Terrific use of line and structure. Every detail is bright and bold. This is much different from all the other paintings in my gallery. It shows an independent woman enjoying herself with a glass of wine. The media used in this painting displays distinct edges and outlines that one could trace. The saturation of the picture is quite intense with the blue background. I personally enjoy the fan that is in it.
Once again another completely different painting. It shows one of great hardship and pain that this woman is expressing. It saddens me to see her so upset. I search for the words to express such remorse for what she must be going through in this painting. This painting was created during a time where racism was growing among many people throughout the world. Every single brush stroke and line painted doesn't even begin to explain what happened. The light colors used in the painting create value. If i were to take a guess it would be that Ofili used yellow to show hope for this woman in the future.
Credits: All media
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