Feminism = equality. by Manuela valencia

The power of Woman is one of the biggest in our World. throughout history, the woman has been despised and discriminated, treated as the week and useless. I dedicate this small art gallery to all the women to make them know that they play a very important role in society and that they are stronger that what they think they are, to let them know they deserve to be treated equally, to let them known that how they bright the world with their way of being and beauty.  

In this piece, we can see young women completely naked, but she has a goldish hair ribbon. it is very well detailed with her face expressions and the proportion of her body. I chose this image because we are told in society that only man can be half naked and beautiful, that only man can be accepted half naked by society. This woman is half naked and looks beautiful with her hair ribbon. Clear image that represents feminism.
In this piece, we can see the face of a color women. Delicate and sincere. The technique used in this painting is really beautiful and soft. This paint is related to my theme because color people have been discriminated from society during a while, and color women even more. This woman looks strong and beautiful. She looks like a woman who works every day to take acre of her family, and that sometimes her effort is ignored just because of her gender.
In this paint, we see a young executive woman. She has dark short hair, that for me it means independence, and success. She is well dressed and is thoughtful, concerned. For me, this woman clearly represents feminism movement, because she cares for herself, for pleasing herself, not for pleasing a man or society. She is concerned about something she has to solve, which gives her power.
We can appreciate in this painting a young and beautiful woman in a yellow dress, which apparently is holding a baby, but at the same time, we can see that she doesn't completely have a baby in her arms. This picture reflects the power that a woman have when referring to her role in society, she has the power of giving birth to new generations, or if she decides, she doesn't.
In this piece, we see beautifull women with short hair. She has a pearl collar and a black gala dress. The technique for this paint is based off very strong brushes of paint, almost like the ones used in the impressionism. She looks strong and powerful, this si why I chose her to represent equality of gender.
A simple view it looks like a simple paint brush, but to me is a free woman dancing, a woman dancing and being authentic with herself, not caring if people don't understand what she feels, and still is a wonderful piece of art. In addition, it also represents woman's fertility, thanks to its red color, just like the periodical blood.
This painting show the face o women facing down. It creates an emotion of perseverance and hard work. She looks tired and devastated. However the background is pink, and this makes a big contrast with what she feels and what she shows. Sometimes we don't realize all the things woman have to pass in order to fit in society, and this image really catches that feeling.
in this piece, we can see how two young women admire nature. It is made with a lot of different details that allows us to admire their characteristics and what they feel. The colors in this picture contextualise us in a period of time of the yer, autumn, thanks to the leaves color. Finally I love this image because allows women to do what they like without being judged.
in this piece of paper, we see the sketch of a woman dancing. She doesn't have a "perfect" idealized body of the dress, however, she is happy and authentic. She looks free and passionate. The effect of the sketch makes it look like and idea that was never completed, and sometimes this is what all of the women dream of being, but we never get to this point because we are afraid of society.
The women in this paint is lonely. She is watched everything from outside of herself and analyzes how everybody and everything is. This image has a variety of colors that makes us wonder a lot of things, like the time frame, or what she is looking at. The lines are very neat, however, the details only give us the impression of what the might be in real life.
Credits: All media
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