Specifically Symmetry

All coffins are symmetrical. Yet what I love about this piece, is that it artistically displays the symmetry of the human body as well.
Almost all Mayan work is symmetrical. And although a circle is always symmetrical, the art is vertically so.
Every aspect of this piece of art is the epitome of what I am trying to portray.
Although not symmetric as a whole, I really enjoy this piece for the detailed symmetry inside certain parts.
This piece is not symmetrical as a whole. But it conveys what I am trying to say through its geometry and through the way Koon Wai-bong divided up his piece. This is something people don't see often.
Most sculptures have symmetry in them. But this piece is especially interesting because of its colors detailed design that contribute to the symmetry as a whole.
Much like the Mayan's, Native Americans also have lots of symmetry in their work. This painting being merely one example.
Although some on the painting is not symmetrical, this piece conveys what I am trying to say through its geometry (circular) and the boarder as well.
Credits: All media
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