Importance of Water

This gallery explores the influence and importance of water both physically and historically. Included are six art pieces from three different museums. There are three main ideas expressed in this exhibition: Water's importance to the earth, how water can connect people, and lastly, how water influences historical occurrences. U59236590 

Street art is an effective way to convey powerful messages. Here in Mexico, the message of this work is to raise awareness of the damaging effect we humans have on the environment.
This mural represents how vital and sacred this element is. The artist's message is that all living beings would not exist without water.The artist demands that we take responsibility for respecting and protecting this element.
Sea travel and trade was used before air transport was invented. Water, just as work, connected us all. Here you see the artist has a person sewing the sea and land together, uniting the people of the world.
The mural here is to bring awareness of many different destinations in Philadelphia. Specifically Penn Treaty Park. It commemorates the peace treaty between William Penn and the Native Americans.
In ancient times, especially in the Middle East, proximity to the water played an important role in the development and prosperity of the people, or even an empire.
This final painting shows how the bounty from the sea supports the people who live near it. There are countless historical examples of how water builds or breaks a civilization. The power of the seas has brought prosperity and devastation to the Middle East.
Credits: All media
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