Observing Perspective in Oil Paintings

I decided to choose oil paintings that looked realistic, life-like, and detailed.

I'd like to focus on the three main characters in this painting. The first two are the two men talking in front of what looks like an army. We can see the man in the white outfit's wrinkle under his eye. The man in the black at the front would be our next character. With his eyebrows raised and his attention towards the man in the white, while his arms hang in front of him with his palms flat out, we can clearly tell he is debating or trying to persuade the man in the white. The third character would be the girl to the left of them. She isn't as detailed as the other men but she is brighter and just as detailed as the army is. She looks like she could be scolding the white man for listening to the man in black. The connection between the white man and her can be made because they are the only two people that are wearing white in the room.
In this painting, we can see George Gisze is very detailed. Zooming in, we can see dark lines under his nose which suggests that maybe he just shaved recently. Zooming in even farther, you can see his eyes are slightly bloodshot.
President Eisenhower is a great example of detail. If you look closely into his left hand, you can see where his skin is pushed over his ring slightly. This would give away the fact that he may have outgrown the ring and it may be a little too tight.
For Mr. Bush, we can see the wrinkles that are under his neck. The detailed part would be how the wrinkles are moving perfectly with his head showing a more natural and realistic side of Mr. Bush. 
As horrifying as this picture is, the detail is amazing. I chose it for the facial expressions and the detail in this expressions. The man in the water has a shocked and helpless face while reaching out for any sign of help before what he thinks is going to happen. One of the more sinister looks in this is the man under the man with the harpoon. He seems to have no reaction to this as if he was wishing for it or made it happen. The man with the harpoon as a very angry face. His complete focus is on the destruction of this shark. If you zoom in enough, you can see the sides of his lips pointing down and his eyebrows down suggesting a frustrated or very violent expression. 
President Reagan has a very realistic pose in this portrait. Unlike the other presidents, he is wearing casual clothes and seems to be in a relaxed position. You can see his hands laying inside his back pockets which puts stress on the belt and front of the pants. This brings me to my next example. You can tell from the angle at which he pulls his pants down, the front of the pants, starting from the belt, is being flattened. 
Mr. Lodge can be dissected easily. Three things in this painting give him a life-like feeling, as a portrait should be. His left hand is slightly stretched in a way that gives you an idea of how small or big his pocket is. Looking at his right hand gives away the fact that he probably got bored during the portrait and started fidgeting before the artist was finished with his body. Next, his facial expression tells us he has something on his mind, unless he was going for a dramatic look.
I chose this painting because of all the little details in it. You can see every man in the room's paper on the table in front of them. Although it mostly shows the back of their heads, you can see the men at the front of the meeting. You can see the men's facial expressions to the point where you know where their attention is. To have done all those lights, pictures, columns, chairs, ect. is crazy. The amount of objects in this is amazing. On top of that, the artist still manages to keep them detailed. 
I chose this portrait of Washington because of his cleanly shaven upper lip and his signature rosy cheeks. Detail is apparent.
This painting shows detail in all faces. The man standing on the right seems to be in mid-thought, while he points his pencil in a way that suggests he is about to point or figure something out. The man sitting down on the right seems to be in a deeper thought. He looks like, in his mind, he is straying from the objective. The last man on the left, standing, has a more pointed face than the others. He also has more wrinkles, suggesting a wide age gap. 
I was extremely interested in this picture before I figured out what is was. The white horse threw me off at first. You can't see it's partner. Each animal in this picture seems to have a partner of the same type. The humans in the background are walking away from them, attempting to heard them. What gave away what this painting symbolized was the giant boat just behind the tree on the left. Noah's Ark towers over the land in the background. What gives away the Ark is the line of birds flying away from it.
The death of Adonis was a good picture because of small details that aren't visible from looking at the entire picture. Zooming into Adonis' face, you see the small hairs he has under his ear and on his chin. You can also see his eyes fading. Where his eyes look last is into the eyes of Aphrodite. If you now focus on her eyes, you see they are red and dripping tears, as are the three graces and cupid. 
What I noticed about this painting is the detail in the entrance of the arrows. The second arrow up from his hip is a good example. If you look close enough, you notice how the skin is lifted up from the arrow instead of sinking in as some people think would happen.
I chose this for the detail in the clothing. Observing the man in the middle on the balcony, you can see wrinkles in the stomach area where his body bends. One universal detail about most of these men is that the ones that have their knees bent. As the knees bend, the crease in their pants shifts to behind their leg while the pants at the knees flatten and smoothen out. Each man was probably done separately in order to preserve detail. 
I chose this because of how funny I thought it was and because of the detail. The flying squirrel is shaped right down to the big eyes. The chain hanging from the kid's hand shows a good sense of physics and knowledge of basic gravity. Lastly, the way the boy looks to his right shows us his flawless skin and the way it gets smoother as he turns his head. 
Credits: All media
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