renaissance perspective 

By: Maya Williamson

architect -person trained to plan, design, and oversee the construction of buildings. sculptor-makes sculptures. exponent-person who believes in and promotes the truth. Naples-capital of the Italian region Campania Granada-Granada is a city and a capital
extraordinary- very unusual or remarkable. citizenry-citizen of a place urban-relating to towns and cities. octagonal-shape with 8 sides amphitheatre-a large circular building without a roof and with rows of seats that slope up and away from a central area, used for entertainments such as sports competitions
emphasized-to give particular importance or attention to something exceptional- very good formulated- to develop depictions-description of something docks-enclosed area of water in a port
preacher- pastor associates-other people crucifix- a cross friar- member of a group in the christian religion centre- british spelling of center
memorial- to give particular importance or attention to something ambassador- a senior distorted-to change something sundial- measures time form the position of the sun various- many different things.
symbolic-considered as a symbol faithfulness- being faithful brevity-use of only a few words rosemary- a bush that have a strong pleasant smell and taste basil- a plant
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