hailey pompeo - one point perspective  

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in this work.

The foreground in this picture is the columns. the middle ground is the arch way The background is the builds once you go through the the archway.
The foreground is the cat. The middle ground is the window. The background is the white square in the window.
The foreground are the front pillars. The middle ground is the motorcycles. The background is the door.
Foreground begin of street. Middle ground the buildings. Background the lamp post.
Foreground the lights on the ceiling. Middle ground the paintings. background the back wall.
Foreground the big flag. Middle ground the buildings. Background small flag.
Foreground the building to the far left. Middle ground all the people and animals. Background the building in the middle.
Foreground the front columns. Middle ground the first archway. Background the door in the middle.
Foreground people. Middle ground the building. Background the car.
Foreground the big rocks. Middle ground the rocks on the right and left. background the rocks in the upper right hand corner.
Credits: All media
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