China's Culture

Pictures that embody Chinese culture

This tapestry pictures many ethnic groups in china. Silk Tapestries are very commonly made in China.
Confucius was a Chinese teacher and philosopher. He is an integral part of ancient Chinese culture.
Beacon Mounds were important to ensure the safety of the Great Wall of China.
In Chinese culture, Jade is a precious stone with five virtues: benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, brave, and honest and clean.
The theme of the Shanghai World Expo was "Better City-Better Life." This signifies the city's new status in the 21st century.
The China-Japan war was a conflict over who could control Korea. This is a very important event in China's history.
The Great Wall of China was built during the Ming Dynasty to prevent invasion and to protect the silk trade.
The Miyun Reservoir is one of Beijing's main sources of potable water. The original purpose of this reservoir was flood prevention, electricity generation, and agricultural irrigation.
The Great Chinese Famine lasted from 1959 to 1961. It was caused by the policies of the Communist Party of China, along with drought and poor weather.
A Pagoda is a Buddhist temple or sacred building, typically many tiered. They are commonly built in southern Asia. Usually, they are difficult to be destroyed, especially by earthquakes.
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