Contrast in nature - davante ellison

This gallery is a collection of images which are represented in nature. Contrast doesn't have to be a bad thing all of the time. In nature, contrast has proven itself time after time to be one of the most beautiful depictions of art. Here's an adaptation of what I believe contrast in nature really is. Enjoy!

Maramureş Mountains Nature Park, Daniel Andreica, 2014-09-11, From the collection of: Mocăniţa - Last of the Carpathian Forestry Railways
In the image depicted, there is a beautiful luminous flower in its habitat. The purplish, pink colored flowered is brought out tremendously due to contrast of the background. The blurred effect, also known as a bokeh effect gives this picture a soft, subtle sense of clarity. The flower is the focal point here.
An Artist Studying from Nature, Claude Lorrain (French, b.1604, d.1682), 1639, From the collection of: Cincinnati Art Museum
In this picture we see a group of people relaxing at sea. The concept of opacity blending is really presented in the left and right sides of this image. The buildings on the right is bold and very (in your face) yet the mountains on the left are very keen and transparent.
Sunset in the Hudson Valley, Frederic Edwin Church, 1870–75, From the collection of: Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
In this painting, the most beautiful hour of the day is hand-crafted. Also known as the golden hour, the sun cuts through the sky revealing a beautiful color tone. The contrast is seen in the sand, grass, water and sky. The colors contrast each other but they blend so well at the same time.
Space-Contemplation, Lee, Suk Ju, 2009, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
This picture shows a very interesting concept. Beauty in nature is endless yet we only get to experience it for a set amount of time. The contrast in this is the beauty in time. Time is precious but its not forever. Theres also a contrast between whats real and fiction in this image.
Holm-oak forest, Garrido Pérez, Luis, 2001/2001, From the collection of: Universidad Pública de Navarra
This image depicts nature in its fallen time. Around the season of fall our plants and land adapts to the climate change. The green fresh patch of grass shows contrast amongst the other yellow and orange colored grass. Its a contrast that can tell the time of the year. If really analyzed simple nature as such can be an amazing thing.
Romantic Landscape with Spruce, Elias Martin, 1768/1780, From the collection of: Nationalmuseum Sweden
In this landscape the first thing that stood out to me was the damaged tree. Some type of natural disaster occurred causing the tree to be out of place. This landscape shows an opening of the sky that kind of changes the mood of the picture. Nature is a beautiful thing yet it can be so dangerous.
Zealand Landscape. Open Country in North Zealand, Johan Thomas Lundbye, 1842, From the collection of: SMK - Statens Museum for Kunst
In this picture theres a dirt road in the middle of new zealand. It depicts the world as an open road. Life takes us on a journey and its our decision to choose our own paths. Thats the contrast in this picture. At the end of the road the option to go left or right is presented.
Summer Evening, Landscape in Italy, Joseph Vernet, 1773, From the collection of: The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo
In this landscape we can see a group of people taking a dip in that lovely bay of water. They look like they are very relaxed as they should be. The world was created for us to enjoy it. The contrast thats presented is far back in the picture. Theres a group of buildings that sit in the back almost un- noticed. The opacity gives off great depth.
Landscape, Nino Costa, 1860/1860, From the collection of: Galleria d'Arte Moderna
In this landscape we can see two different things going on. A random bunch of trees in a field and a very weary looking sky. This landscape stood out to me because of the contrast in the sky. The black and white depiction served its purpose. The sky looks dreary yet heavenly at the same time.
Moonrise over the Sea, Caspar David Friedrich, 1822, From the collection of: Alte Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
In this picture theres a lot going on. There are three people sitting on a hill type structure. The background is bright and dark at the same time. That's where the contrast comes in. The people are the focal point yet the background draws attention to our eyes because of the contrast.
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