Bodies of Water To humans

The human world revolves around bodies of water. From the Nile overflowing in Egypt to provide life for farmers' crops to using a flowing river to generate electricity to buildings, water has been one of the most important influences on humans in history. Due to humans needs for water, they have tended to always settle near river s and oceans where food and crops would be most plentiful and where it would be easiest to survive. This virtual exhibit focuses on bodies of water in art and how they are used by humans. There are many ways humans use water for their advantage and enjoyment. Humans use water for complex things such as harvesting seaweed growing in it, catching fish living in it, using it for transportation, using it for trade routes, settling in on the coast near it for survival and also using bodies of water for where battles take place. However, there are simpler ways humans use water for their benefit such as using it for sailing, for topics in art, for relaxing and enjoying the sound of the waves on the shore, for cleaning oneself or their horse, or just to swim and play in it. The sea and rivers have been used as long as man has been alive and is by far the most vast and important component of everyday life in our world. 

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