Sunsets in between

My album Sunsets in Between represents the juxtaposition of colors and value of the image's intensity of motion used to highlight or shadow objects. Colors are contrasted creating depth and value in each painting. You are immediately drawn to the light of the Sunset because of the techniques used to place focus on the subject.

In this painting you see hills, mountains, and possibly a road. There are clouds above with a glowing light beneath and settling behind the hills. You can see the use of dark blues and purples to help create trenches and shadows where the light doesn’t quite reach. Some of curves of the hills are painted orange which warms the painting with light. This painting shows how light and dark are both apart of a sunset or sunrise.
In this painting you see tall grass, flowers, water and the sun. There’s a reflection of colors from the sun setting over flowers and water. The direction of the strokes shows movement in the grass and water. The light glowing through the texture of grass and water gives a peek at the sun without having to look up toward the sky to feel its energy. This is another image that uses dark and light to create a scene.
In this painting you see a shower of color settled into a body of water. There is a sky, clouds, and a skyline. The texture and lighting of the water shows deep movement. The orange glow arching behind the skyline sheds yellow above as it sets. The red arch toward the front seems to shape the focus of the painting putting emphasis on the sunset. Once again the middle space where light and dark collide produces a beautiful sunset.
The scene is set in an abstract fashion. The sun is covering the background beneath darkened sky. There are trees that seem to lean in toward the sun. Color is used to build grass and land. The values of light speckled through the trees and across the land give life to the painting. The texture provides movement. The line of light leads down a path toward the line of pink right under the sun as it sets.
In this painting you see tall tree growing from a small hill on the left. It is shading the boy and girl sitting in the grass by the water. There are more trees and hills in the distance. There’s a home sitting on the water. Looking closely there appears to be livestock walking about freely. There are faint white clouds in the sky. The land is very green with hints of brown and yellow. The water leads back to the hills. The value in this painting is shown in the reflection on water, the yellow tips of the leaves on the trees, and the side of the rooftop on the house. The color of the blue sky fading into a white then yellow down on to the foggy hilltops shows distance. The line of the body of the water’s green to white color moves the emphasis to the sun as well.
The way the light hits the water shows a wave or rough flow forefront left. The smoke flowing from the ship in the distance leads you toward the sun setting on the back of the water. The ships travel line defines its affects on the air and sky with the white and brown coloring on the left side. With so little present, the light balance and texture really paints an emotional picture.
This is a late evening scene that shows the sun setting in the distance. There’s a couple walking with an umbrella, which implies that it is raining. The gray and white mixed color in the sky and ground ties into the use of the umbrella. There’s a dark blot on the right side that fades into the background where you can see a silhouette of people. On the left side you see a black image with lights that looks like a car. In the forefront there’s a tall bare tree. The couple is wearing dark clothing. The sky is opening up with color as the sunsets. In the sky there’s an image that looks like the moon is taking its place. As I described earlier the whiter street reflecting the light from the sun setting and the moon rising is an example of value.
This painting reminds me of the sun setting through a window on a woman’s back. The highlights of yellow on her left and lower right side and hair gives the impression of a sunset. She is sitting in a chair reading a book of some sort at a smart table. The scene looks as if she is settling down because she has on only stockings and heels with a garment thrown on the back of the chair she’s sitting in. There is a blue image on the back wall that reminds me of sky instead of bedroom light. The colors and value of light contrasted creates a nice mellow mood.
There’s a large black image over top a red image with black and blue markings on it in the middle of red corners. In the middle there is a bright yellow color that looks like the sun. You can see a peek of the yellow color behind the slit in the red bottom. This entire image is then placed center bottom of a red and mostly bright orange background. The background is textured with dark strokes with yellow coming through the background.
This is an abstract painting of shapes. Value is present here in the lighting of certain areas creating new shapes. There are patterns along the back of the painting. The lower right side of the image is transparent to see part of another image in the lower right corner. Color is used to highlight lines and depth on the left side of the painting. The light in the painting looks like a sunset.
Credits: All media
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