Calysta Reyes

color schemes

I think this would be considered a triadic color scheme because it has red yellow and blues. It shows the colors very strong and boldy. I think the mood is very melochany.
I think the scheme is triadic because they use yellows and blues but also tints because it has white and pinks and light oranges. The mood is the mood before a thunder.
This scheme I consider shades because it has blacks and dark greens. I think the mood is warm and homelike.
I think this painting would be considered SHades. Only because it doesnt specificly fit into any other because it's not monochromatic nor primary like. I think the mood would be very
I think it is veyr warm schemed because theyre using very realizst colors and lots if realism. The mood is still.
This i know for my own opinion is monochromatic, and a bit of tinks. It has lavender and light blues shaded across and just very mixed between them. I think the mood is home like and loving
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