Review of Elements of Art and Design

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. -Sophia Russano-

There are vertical, implied, and curved horizontal lines.The shapes are organic. There is darker value on the left half of the painting and lighter value on the rest of it. The negative space is the wall and the rest is positive space and the colors include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, and brown. The color is mostly dull with the exception of the peaches. The peaches and the bowl they are in are examples of form because the peaches are spherical and the bowl is cylindrical. There is some implied texture of the smooth softness of the peaches.
There are diagonal, curved vertical, and curved horizontal lines in this artwork. There is a patch of crosshatching at the bottom of the artwork. There are organic shapes. There is darker value towards the top of the picture and medium to lighter value towards the bottom. There is negative space in the background behind the flower pots and the flower pots themselves are the positive space.
There are diagonal, jagged, curved, and implied lines in this artwork. There are organic shapes in this artwork. There is a darker value at the bottom of the picture and then a medium to lighter value at the top of the picture. There is a simulated texture, especially in the leaves of the tree that are thick and soft and a rough, soft, and smooth texture in the mountains that are in the background. This picture is mostly positive space that is filled with the subject matter of trees and mountains and the little negative space that is in this picture is located at the top, above the mountains.
There are diagonal, horizontal, vertical, and some crosshatching lines in this artwork. The subject matter of the instrument and flowers are organic but there are squares that are created from crosshatching. There is some dark to medium value in the whole painting with the exception of the light that is supposedly shining out of the window, at the top left corner. The instrument and table legs and top look like forms. The bottom of the instrument looks like one half of a sphere and the legs and top of the table look like thin rectangular prisms. The texture of the paint throughout the painting looks rough. The positive space is taken up by the table, instrument, flowers, and floor. The negative space is the wall behind the table. There are pretty dull colors in this piece. There is a mix of blues, purples, browns, blacks, and oranges.
There are curved diagonal lines in this artwork. There are organic shapes like leaves and the oranges are circular and spherical so they could count as both shape and form. There is darker value towards the left half of the artwork on the oranges and medium to light value in the middle and the right side of the artwork. The positive space consists of the oranges on the fruit trees and the clouds and the sky are the background, but they still take up space so they aren't exactly negative space. There is a pretty bright use of color in this artwork like orange, yellow, green, white, and blue.
Credits: All media
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