Influences Of New Earth

An Ode To The Men Of The Past. Whose Influence Has Left Its Mark On The World and History As We Know It. Some Effects Were Positive, Others Were Negative; Nevertheless The Importance To Their Movement In Their Field Has Stood The Test Of Time and Is Unparalleled In Their Chosen Fields Of Leadership.

Abraham Lincoln is Arguably USA's Most Influential President and One Of The Founding Fathers Of Our Nation. Without His Leadership Through The Civil War, Who Knows How Long It Would've Taken For Slavery To Be Abolished, If At All.
Napolean Bonaparte Is Not Only The Most Influential Person In France's History; He Is Also Arguably History's Greatest War Leader. Time Magazine Even Named The 2nd Most Influential Man In History. Second Only To The Founder Of Christianity, Jesus Christ.
Mahatma Gandhi is the Most Prominent Leader in Indian History To Date. His Fight For India's Independence From Britain Influenced Future Civil Rights Leaders With His Non-Violent Approach Such As Martin Luther King & Mandela. India Is Still Independent Today.
Leonardo Di Vinci is By Far The Most Influential Person In History Without Having His Own Religion. He's Left A Historically Large Mark On Fields Such As Art, Invention, Math, Literature & much more. He Is Forever Embedded In Art History As The Artist Of The Mona Lisa, The Most Famous Painting in Art History.
MLK's Influence On The World Is Unquestionable. It's Seen In Every School, Every Workplace, Every Mall, Every Place In The US as You See Races Of All Kinds Coexisting In Different Places & Settings. If It Weren't For His Courage, This Art Gallery Could Not Be Created By Yours Truly, An African American Student In College.
Whether Or Not You Agree With The Objective Of His Movement, You Have To Respect His Impact On History, His Followers & The World. Adolf Hitler Had A Religious Type Of Following During WWII and His Influence Is Still Talked About And Felt Not Only In Germany, But Worldwide.
Winston Churchill's Influence On Britain As The State's Prime Minister Was The Driving Force Behind The Allies Victory In WWII. He Also Had A Major Impact in Literature Winning The Nobel Prize. Winston Churchill Is Widely Regarded As One Britain's Most Prominent Figures.
Joseph Stalin was One Of USSR's Most Prominent Figures In The History. His Influence Was Most Directly Focused On The Promotion On Lenin's Communism Which Still Exists Today. He Is Arguably Russia's Most Known And Respected Dictator, As He Ruled With An Iron Fist For Over 30 Years.
Mao Zedong is The Creator Of The China We Know Today. His Influence Was His Vision Of Making China The Best Country It Could Be Based On The Political Policies They Still Follow Today Known As "Maoism". He Will Forever Be Prominent In China's Government As He Is The Founding Father of the People's Republic Of China.
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