At Home

This Gallery is a collection of interior scene's of Dutch homes, which shows art within art. It also allows the viewer to reflect on the differences between earlier life and life today which may surprise many to see the similarities and the differences of the interior life today as well as in years past.

This image is entitled "The milkmaid" It shows a woman pouring milk preparing for a meal. The artist uses color variation as well as filling the space to incorporate the little details denoting a home
this image is a woman standing in front of an instrument. The artist uses light and dark to tell you about the day as well as line art to beautifully display the ornate features of the house.
This piece shoes a woman preparing food. The artist uses the light and dark contrast to show the difference between inside and outside as well as line and shape to show floor patterns.
In this piece a mother is picking out lice from a childs head while the dog stands guard. The artist uses different shapes and forms throughout to show a nurturing effect.
In this piece the artist has a woman reading a letter near a window. The artist uses the scale of the window and the color of the bright light to illuminate the letter to cast a positive glow.
This piece is a picture of a woman holding a balance much like the scales of justice. The artist uses repitition of color in the dress table and painting behind the woman to bring your eye centrl.a
This is an interior scene with many subjects. The boy appears to be searching for something along with his dog. The artist uses proportion to set the room adjacent to appear further back and farther.
In this scene a woman serves Satyr dinner. A religious meal. The artist uses color to illustrate the inside view as well as separating everyone by using a variety of different lines and shapes.
In this piece a woman is receiving a drawing lesson. In this piece the artist shows a cluttered interior which while a good use of space on canvas leads you to believe the person to be quite cluttered
This shows a woman playing to a young man. The artist puts emphasis on the woman by coloring her with a soft palate of colors and putting the man in a darker area. He also went into great line detail
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