Color within - Corey Heady

This gallery represents the colors within nature.  Be with nature as you view the images and paintings of nature.

An Artist Studying from Nature by Claude Lorrain represents explorers coming to land after sailing across the world. The colors with the painting are magnificent in this piece and bring out the nature.
This painting by John La Farge represents wonderful colors within the plant to bring out the nature. There are different shades of green in this painting with some red to add some contrast. In all, a gorgeous piece.
Harmoney Between Human and Nature Series VI by Cang Xin is an extraordinary work of art. There is so much scenery going on this painting its amazing how he could fit so much within the frame. There is great proportion in this image as well as color. The color in the painting helps bring out the foreground and background.
In this painting , "A Morning. The Dance of the Nymphs", by Camille Corot displays movement. In the foreground there are children playing and as if they are running in circles. The colors add a forest feel to the painting and the blacks within the painting play a good part for the shade in the painting.
Going home by Tom Roberts was painted in 1889. This painting displays a couple walking home in the rain. The rain on the ground helps reflect the the couple and the objects in the foreground. The colors in the sky show that there might be sunny weather coming towards them.
Landscape with Cattle near a River by Carlos de Haes was painted in 1859. It displays nature at its finest. Cattle in the river looking for grain to eat. The colors in the sky have an orangish tint and gives you the feeling that the painting represents the south. The clouds orange highlights make a great sunset as well.
Recreation by Jerome Thompson was painted in 1857. In this painting there are people having a picnic and enjoying the day. There is much nature in this painting as you can see. There are many trees that are green to show life throughout the plants. In the background there are mountains to display proportion.
In this painting, Landscape with Nymph and Satyr Dancing by Claude Lorrain you can see characters dancing. The painting was painted in 1641 and is a great way to view history in one painting. The colors in this painting bring the painting to life because it makes you feel if you are actually there.
Lake Wakatipu with Mount Earnslaw by Eugene von Guerard displays a landscape with beautiful features. In the lake you can actually see a reflection of the mountains that are in the background of the painting; which are also symmetrical to each other.
Waterfall in Smaland by Marcus Larson was painted in 1856. This painting is overall my favorite painting from this exhibition. The colors displayed in this painting are magnificent and provide a great diffusion. The painting looks like the calm and the storm are about to collide.
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