It Started With A Doodle

I really like this piece because of the intensity of the colors, as well as the subject matter itself. I also adore that it is pigment on silk folding screens, because I simply cannot imagine how difficult that had to be to create and I love seeing pieces where you can tell that the artist truly spent time pouring their soul into it.
I am a huge fan of street art and graffiti and I admire the time and dedication that it takes to create these pieces. This subway train has been spray-painted so carefully. The vibrancy of the colors and the attention to the detail and shading in the image really catches my attention. And the longer I look at the image, the more detail I notice on the car.
This photograph is a long exposure, which tends to warp colors as they blend together. Honestly, I love the green hue around the picture and it seems almost serene. I actually liked this image so much that it is now my wallpaper on my phone screen. The mountain with the lake and green light is so calming, I could see myself finding this as an escape.
This painting really catches my attention because of where the subject is in relation to the center of the portrait. Normally, when one creates a work of art or sees a painting, one expected the subject to be in the center of the painting. The subject in this painting, on the other hand, is off center and to the right. I also love paintings from this era, which were very focused on realism and on more human subjects.
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