A Given Perspective

A look into different perspectives given in different pieces of art.

This piece really captures the scale of the architecture of this time period. Although it is not a one to one scale, I feel it captures the beauty if this building.
This piece gives a different look at how us humans usually look at landscapes. I feel it lets us take a step back and view this area with a different perspective.
This piece gives us a different view on the life of a craftsman. It gives a simpler view on what it is to be a craftsman.
This piece allows us to take in the beauty of this town. The architecture and scale is really represented well.
This piece expresses the Korean landscape well. Although it probably isn't an exact depiction do to is uniformity, I believe it still has a grip with reality.
Like in the other pieces, this shows a tremendous amount of scale. Again I feel the representation of this building is not too far off of the actual thing if it exists.
This piece is very representative of the different walks of life in this culture. The whole array of skills and trades and even lifestyles is shown very well in this.
This piece is more grounded in the reality of scale within this time period. I feel the scale is represented well and it does it very greatly with the small details.
This piece is quite different in my opinion based on the fact that it's not a painting of something that the painter sees necessarily, but of a setting that he/she is used to within his/her own life.
A different perspective is achieved in this piece. You don't always see a scale of artwork portrayed in this way. It is also unique to put more of the focus on the artwork rather than the individual.
I like the way the perspective is displayed and shifted in this piece. It's not every day that the average human at that time would have been able to get a perspective like this in this area.
This piece allows us a look into the design and architecture at this time. This allows us to get a glimpse of what this area might have looked like at the time.
This piece shows a third person view of the lifestyle at this corner on this street. This extended view allows us to capture all thee events happening at this time.
This piece allows us to get an idea of how the artist would have depicted a perfect city. It shows a tremendous amount of uniformity and gives off an ideal vibe.
This piece's far away view lets us get a look into how the everyday life of people i this town might have gone. It shows different walks of lifesaving life all at the same time.