Variety of Color

These paintings to me had a lot of variety and each had different shades of color but still offered a lot of different colors.

I chose this because I immediately noticed how loud the drawing was. Every color is bright and it all seems to stand apart. All though the colors are dripping down blending in together.
I chose this one because even though the colors are very dark, you can still see every color clearly.
I liked this piece because the drawing seems to have a cloud effect with its colors, but you can still see a lot of variety and the color still stands out.
I like this one because the drawing had a kind of "line effect" with its strokes. Somehow there is still a lot of color variety and it stands out.
This one was really interesting to me. I first saw the mountain like area on the painting and then I see all the different colors and stuff going on in the background. Almost like if they were flags.
I liked this one because it uses the warm and cool effect. Lots of color variety and uses different shades of each color.
This one is almost like the last piece but its all warmer colors. Its almost as if every object has its own unique color.
I like this one because of the amount of different reds this waiting uses and the artist was still able to make this painting every detail is still very easy to see.
I picked this waiting because of how dark this drawing is but the colors still stand out. Almost as if the colors were there to compliment the shadows of the woman.
I like this one because of the size and scope of the painting. I feel as if I'm looking into a massive colorful world that seems to be alive.
This one I chose because it seems to have a hidden message. The colors are dark and they seem to compliment the people below. It s a really moving piece.
I chose this one because of how messy it is. I can just feel the frustration in his strokes and the color variety suggests that he was fee;ing several different emotions.
I like this one because its simple. Light versus dark colors. It also has a lot of variety in color.
I really like this one because of how the artist made the people stand out by using colors that stand out and having a lot of different colors.
This one was really cool. At first I thought it was an actual photograph but then i notice the drawing marks and all the different color variety.