This is one of my favorite paintings because it looks really realistic.I like it because it is really bright and has a a lot of colors which makes it look colorful. I also like the fact that the artist added a variety of flowers.
I find this painting interesting because of how creative the artist's idea was of making it very unrealistic . This piece of art looks like it is made using one of the latest technology.I like the fact that the artist put flowers next to ice mountains and air balloons flying ion the sky.This shows that the artist thought outside the books.
I like this painting because the painting has a blue look but still looks bright. I also like all the strokes used to show the difference between two different things.
I like this work of art because when we look at the painting we see the horse first . So,the main subject is catches the eye. I also like the faint background and fading look in the trees.
I like this painting because it look s really realistic . I also like the blues and different shades used in the sea.h
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