Brooker Muir's Exibit Of Sports Art

I have chosen these five images because they are all different sports made into art that are displayed in different museums across the world. The images date anywhere between the years of 1825-1985. All the images have a piece of history behind them representing a story. The five different sports on display are as follows, The Gymnastic Games 1838 (gymnastics), this is a painting of the start of the olympic games in Greece to the finish. It shows the athletes competing all the way to an athlete getting a crown put on his head in different transitions. The Days Sport 1826 (hunting), a painting of three men hunting with their dogs beside a lake in forest in the winter time. They have "bagged" ducks, rabbits and pheasants. Two little girls are also in attendance (daughters). Blue Mountain 1887 (horse racing), is a painting of a jockey on his large horse in a meadow filled with green grass; building are slightly seen in the distance.

Credits: All media
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