death etc.

i chose this one because it seems pretty brutal cause its about wrath
with death in the background it just seems the artist wanted death to be there playing music for him while he paints cause death is all around us
when i looked at this one i saw the skull first it just reminded me of how we live and we die and what happens in between is just a dream
when i first looked at this piece of art i thought to my self we fight off our demons while we try to fight off death
you wish you could lie there dying with beautiful women around you but it just doesn't happen like that
we all end up some wee maybe hell isn't as bad but who's the one to say who is good and who is evil
the apocalypse is pretty brutal and there couldn't possibly be any innocence in or during it
if life where free of war maybe it would be a better place but in order to have complete and udder peace we must have war to create peace in death there is peace there is no good there is no evil we are all just one
could you imagine being chased by a guy with no head how cool would it be until you find your self pushing up daisy's
Medusa turned people to stone if you even looked at her but looking at her with her head off is kind off cool
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