Balance The feeling that both sides of an artwork are evenly weighted. An artwork that is not balanced feels heavier on one side than another.
Repetition Using the same or similar elements in an artwork over and over
Emphasis Makes one part of the artwork dominant over the other. That dominant part is called the focal point.
Contrast Contrast is created from setting the point of emphasis away from the background.
Proportion How big or small the sizeof one part of an object is to another part of it as well as to the whole.
Variety Using different elements or different types of one element in the artwork. Adds visual interest to a work by giving the eye different things to focus on.
Movement Creation of the illusion of action or physical change in position.
Unity One way to create unity is a dominant theme, idea, or subject matter. Another way to create unity is to add a texture or repeated color that is the main attraction.
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