Josue's shape gallery

Stuart Davis' piece is an excellent example of rectilinear shapes. The green shapes on the left side of the piece are comprised of straight lines and angular corners which fit the description of rectilinear shapes.
This image by Emilio shows high definition shapes because the shape are popping out right at you and the image is very clear and shows a lot of definition and texture.
This image shows positive and negative shapes because positive shapes are the shapes on the front and negative shapes are the shape in the background. This image shows that as the shapes on the table represent positive and the walls and table show negative
This image is classified as a low definition image because it isn't very clear since it seems it is very blurry. High definition is very clear so low definition images are the opposite.
This artwork right here shows abstract shapes since abstract shapes are shaped derived from a visual source but doesn't shows much visual resemblance. Which goes with this picture since this image doesn't have much meaning
This image shows rectilinear shapes because it is made out of rectangles. This image shows stairs and they keep getting higher as you go deeper in the picture.
This image shows curvilinear art because curvilinear are consisted of or bounded by curved lines which shows in this shape.
This image is geometric because it shows geometry shapes. Since this image shows squares and a triangle.
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