The Color Red in Amazing Art 

The theme for this gallery is red. My favorite color is red so my gallery consist of amazing pieces which have the color red in it, enjoy.

I like this painting because it looks complicated yet simple at the same time. The color red and blue compliment the painting.
I like the patterns in her dress. Having the background and pattern the same color is good so the painting dose not look so busy.
I love the pattern in this bowl. Placed on a white surface really makes the red pop.
This painting fought my attention from the fact that the Deitie in the center has multiple arms with multiple objects in each hand. The painting also has a lot of detail throughout it.
This piece I found interesting because what ever the red is looks like a liquid as well as a solid at the sometime and again the red on a white background and the fact that the object is glossy makes the red pop.
I love this piece due to my fascination with the story of the escape of the Israelites lead by Moses. Very beautiful painting.
This painting reminded me of my cousin. She crochets and has windows like in the painting.
I chose this painting due to the fact that it was frightening as well as interesting. I think the red and green grab your attention.
I chose this painting because I am fascinated with the style of art this piece is.
I really like this piece. The picture reminds me of the state of Pennsylvania. Throughout this state are farms like the one you see here.
I chose this Painting because I have never seen a painting like this before. I love how the painting has so much detail yet it is done in only one color.
I like the type of blue that is used in the little girls dress. Colors work well with each other. I wounded what is the purpose of the angles and what they are doing.
Being that I am in the military I am always attracted to battle paintings. I like this painting, its so busy. Almost every inch of the canvas is filled with battle, each telling a mini story.
The scream has always be one of my personal favorite paintings. The fact that it has red in it makes it that much enjoyable.
Like I had mentioned in another paining I love this type of style painting. I also like the the painting has what appears to be cherry blossom trees in it which I think are beautiful.
This painting caught my eye due to the vivid red, blue and gold which make it beautiful.
I don't know what but I was and still am drawn to the piece. Is it telling a story of a girls life from baby to chid to woman? A very interesting painting.
This painting reminds me of a time when I was at the beach and took a picture that looked similar to this painting.
This is my favorite painting in my gallery. Its suductive and dark. It seems the man wanted a kiss and got more than what he wasted. It reminds me of the saying be careful what you wish for.