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The lines that make up this photo are vertical and horizontal lines that make the eye lead into the the foggy background of the photo. As well as makes you look at this photo from bottom to top. I picked this photo because I did not have any actual photos.
Weary is a piece using thin dark lines as well using more and more as you get deeper into the drawing. Also the darker lines make up the woman's face. What I enjoy about this piece the amount of thin lines McNeill used in order to create the certain figures on the woman. Also the area she is looking in is slightly lighter than the area she is in.
The Man with cat uses thin, curve lines to show the man's facial expression and the cats. As well as the to make it seem as if they are leaning on the tree that is in the background. WHat I like about this piece is the detail on the man's beard and on the cats fur. Also the little thin lines to make up the true.
The Little Lady Sophie of Soho has curved lines throughout the entire image. As well as has dark images and only is bright when you pay attention to the the spaces between the lines. I like this image because it is similar to the Mona Lisa and a dollar. As well as the lines become curved because they follow the shape of Sophie's face.
Rudolph II uses thin lines to give the image detail. As well as they use the thick dark lines in order to give the image a more lifelike appearance. All of the lines are leading to the contour of the head in the middle. I like the way this image seems almost like a dollar bill.
800 minutes, the burrow of the rainbow serpent has thick bold black lines as well as thin white lines that pop out. As well as they turn in the same direction leading to an all white area. In addition it does not just go into one motion but it has grooves. I like this image because it does not seem like the other images you find on facebook where you get a headache from looking at.
9eme Concept uses thin lines to give the piece much detail. Also these thins lines make contour around the faces of the soldiers that makes their emotion easily to interpret. In addition there are sparse black dots to add to the motion of these figures. This helps the thin lines give detail. I like this image because of the detail this artist put into it.
The Fall of the Rebel Angels has many characters to this piece that you can get confused by when looking at it but the lines that are seen when looking closely are thin. The thin lines make a contour on all the figures. I like this image because if you follow the lines it tells a story with the battle going on.
WIth this piece, there are many lines being used which gives the image a look where it has texture. The lines I see instantly are the thin ones with bold bright colors or the dark thick lines. The main one I see is the triangle greyish line. I like this piece because the triangle and all othe other colors make it look like The Dark Side of The Moon album by Pink Floyd.
This mural has lines very curvey bouncing to all into one lead area (the blue). There aren't really any lines that are in the orange and pink area. I like this image because of the colors and how the thin lines are used to form awkward figures and seem as if there is texture.
In this piece, there are mostly diagonal lines that are very thin. 123kids were making the focus of this pieve lead to the white, evil face. I enjoy this piece because with the thin lines making a shape it looks unfinished making me want to see more.
In this Mural I do not really see any vertical or horizontal lines but more of curved lines. I like this Mural because I enjoy how the curved lines allow the Mural to have more detail on how the fox is shaped. Also being curved makes the eye go from one side to another.
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