The Dark element

A view at the more real, sublime, and sometimes grotesque art and the elements used to portray it so.

This piece was before it's time. Combining realism with surrealism. The texture, use of realism and color make this a very intriguing piece of art.
I find this piece to be disturbing and irritating at the same time. it's perspective seems to be off. Yet the contrappasto of the figure and realism of the scene makes it a marvel.
I tend to be drawn to the higher contrast self portraits. with dimly lit scenes. The dark color of the the mans body and the drapery behind does well to pop his face out, drawing you right in.
I have always been a fan of Albrecht Durer since middle school. The amount of texture, he can get in such a small composition is amazing.
The Baroque period is one of my favorites. The great use of chiaroscuro, and creating a very dim lit scene, shows the terrifying action taking place very well.
The composition of this piece is very daunting. You can clearly see how the scene depicts the figure in immense deep concentration and thought.
This is an incredible surrealism piece. You can see how it's composition, the use of dark colors and sparing use of red create a quite terrifying vision.
The history behind this art piece is pretty clear. War, Nuclear War is scary. The use of color and texture paint an almost to real disfigured individual, or individuals?
This piece reminds me of a web infested wooded area. the brush strokes seem to create the texture in my opinion.
The use of cool colors such as greens and blues create a very cold and depressing scene.
The realism of Albrecht Durer's Hare piece is fascinating. The texture of the hare's fur is done very well and it's proportion is spot on.
This art piece shows what the lack of perspective does to an artistic piece. The two women on the right hand side are actually supposed to be laying down, dead. Yet they almost appear to be kneeling.
The cubism piece is very intense. It's use of dark monochromatic colors and dark scene create an almost romantic yet disturbing scene. The humanistic character seems depressed.
When I look at this piece I feel like it's shows the "mindless worker bee" desperately going home in need to feel alive once again. The use of dark colors and gestural brush strokes show this clearly.
The story behind this piece is ridiculous. The use of the dark colors, the sfumato like haziness and position of characters in this piece create one intense scene. The composition is very well done.