This gallery depicts works of art that can be interpreted as social commentaries that show how humans sometimes restrict themselves from becoming great because they limit themselves. The reality of it is that our imagination is limitless and there is no stopping what we can create if we let go of what society tells us is possible or acceptable.

Social Commentary: People tend to only focus heavily on time. We live our whole lives so focused on getting to the next checkpoint that sometimes we forget to really live.
Science Fiction: This picture uses exaggeration to show that people tend to conform to society. We begin to only think with one mind which makes us look the same as a whole.
Satire: Sometimes in a dull, mediocre society our ideas are shut down or forgotten because they don't fit someone else's expectations. Our imaginations fade away with time and so does our originality.
Magical Realism: Magical realism is living in a realistic world with abnormal or unusual characteristics. That world only exists in our minds unless we have the courage to put it on paper.
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