Colors You can hear through time (Adam Lalk)

This gallery will represent music in art and how it's colors can not only put the viewer in a certain mood, but also how the viewer will have a certain vibe or "tune" playing in their head just by staring at a still, silent.Throughout time many different types and styles of music have also been used and every piece of art can represent a different mood as well.

This piece of art represents a group of people enjoying music together and seem to be having a great time. The focus is on the bard on the left as seems to be gravitating you look to him using the bright blue background to his contrasting red clothes.
This piece shows a man standing over a woman giving her a music lesson. A sense of calmness is added by the dog on the left sleeping away as if the music is pleasant and relaxing to hear. Without the dog the painting would feel stressful or much less cohesive.
This piece of art is of multiple instruments laying close together on a red table. All of the instruments are gold/yellow and ties them all together. They come together not just in the sense that they are all instruments, but that when they are played together it will be in perfect sync and harmony.
This piece of art represents and angel playing a stringed instrument. The angel has a face that could be taken for sad or for relaxed, but the bright yellow guitar acts almost as a warm sun the angel is being comforted by. This way whatever initial mood the angel has, the viewer will walk away content.
This picture is of a couple lines of music dedicated to Carnegie Hall. To someone who does not read music, the picture is a mystery, giving them more to imagine and maybe create there own tune of what it could be in their head. To someone who reads music the notes would jump off the page and become like words to them.
This picture is of a musicians cover photo representing his style of music. The bold statement of "Texas" and flaming peppers give a sense of toughness with the oil in the background continuing a sense of pride in his background. This is met by a mellow blue and green border so as not to come one too strong to the viewer with no knowledge of the music.
This is a picture of a gold grand piano. It gives a sense of awe on the first look, giving the viewer the idea that not just anyone could place this instrument, nor could just anyone attend a playing of it. In a way the piano is so illustrious that it dares anyone to live up to it's standards when being played.
This paining is off a small dog with it's hands on the piano. It is supposed to represent the dog actually being able to play the piano which gives the painting some humor and a bit of imagination. There is excellent contrast from the dog to the hills outside making this dog really seem larger than life.
This is a painting of a man teaching a two women how to play the drums. It is very simplistic with nothing around the people playing/learning to distract from them. In a way it exactly what the people are doing in the piece to keep them from focusing on the task or lesson at hand.
This last picture is of people performing on the street. This is one of the truest forms of art. People sit on any street to play and instrument they have put time and effort to learn and pour there hearts out, usually for complete strangers. The people surrounding them is the ultimate compliment of the simple gesture to stop, and listen.
Credits: All media
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