The artist made it known that this was a legit monkey. I love the fact that the artist made the monkey's fur look so real, especially for a painting.
When I see this image it reminds me not only of the gritty texture, but of the importance of family. It looks like there is a child with either its mother or father.
The art piece is remarkable, especially how they form texture. The texture almost has a gritty look to it.
Every time I glance at this painting I see real bricks, the texture and everything is there. The artist painting technique is miraculous.
This painting reminds me of "Impasto", meaning very thick use of painting, just like Van Gogh. You really have to sit and admire the painting to understand what is going on.
The first thing that shouts out to me in this painting is texture. I look at this and the texture I see is sandpaper. The painting its self is abstract and the texture together is a great combination.
You can see each brush stroke of the painting. The brush strokes form the texture. In some areas it looks smooth in other areas it looks clumpy, but not yet impasto.
Another Van Gogh painting. As we know Van Gogh was known for the technique impasto, which is what he used to form his textures. Also the clouds in the sky have a fluffy looking texture.
I chose this art work because I love all types of art, whether it is paintings, architecture, or etc.. The Image shows great detail of the men and what looks like to be fire and trees.
I really admire this art work because I love asian art and the detail of the dragons is marvelous. To be able to form a piece like this had to take patience and time.
When I look at this painting I can't make up my mind if the skeleton is suppose to be made up of yarn material or a cactus. Which ever the skeleton's material is, I love it! The texture looks so real and fuzzy.
I love this painting because it reminds me of spring. The painting portrays a flower like image in a peach setting. Very nice.
I just love this image. I wish I could jump in and live there. The artist did a great job of making the viewer see the beauty of nature. He did a great job of using complimentary colors.
ABSTRACT and I love it! The painting can be depicted as so many things, which is why I like the painting so much. The painting reminds me of the bottom of the sea. Where there is beautiful creatures and sea plants.
I thought this piece of art was very unique. Even though the lego pieces have texture, the way it was design gave the art work more texture. The art work reminds me of honey combs.