Textures of Earth

This gallery will consist of that patterns and texture that nature and humanity has to offer all around the world and the recreations that artists have done of them. Whether it is from buildings, mountains, water, etc. It will be a celebration of Earths beauty and all the interesting things it has created throughout time. There will be things that took millions of years to make, and things that only took decades. 

First I am starting with a picture of the Earth itself. Some of us take this big blue ball in space for granted, but when you really look at it, the earth itself is one of the most beautiful things in the known universe. It may be because it has everything that humanity finds beautiful in it and its also because as a whole it really is a nice thing to look at.
This painting of water, by Eero Järnefelt, very accurately represents the way water looks in a pond. From the slight ripple from the wind, to the reflections of light, Järnfelt did an amazing job taking advantage of the different elements that the eye takes in while looking at even the simplest of things.
This painting of clouds by Simon Alexandre Clèment shows both the beauty of clouds, but also the hidden fearsomeness that they hold inside. Painting has the welcoming oranges of a sunset in the background that show how the light travels through the soft clouds and reflects through them. It also looks to have what are developing storm clouds, which brings across the fearsomeness of them. You can also see how big they are compared to the trees in the far ground.
I chose this picture of a village on fire because the textures and colors that fire has to offer can be found almost no where else. This shows how scary the whipping orange and red flames can be, but also how impressive they can be. The patterns that flames make are fluent and sporadic at the same time all while looking like silk.
This photo of mountains, by Eadweard J. Muybridge, I think show just how incredible they are. The way a mountain looks from afar was always something I admired. Being a Jersey born boy, I never really had the chance to see a landscape of mountains. Their size even from a distance always made it feel like I was looking at a photo or a painting because of how massive they really are. The different textures that they offer also always blew me away. You could have a mountain have soft snow at the peak in midsummer, even though it is 80 degrees on the ground. Or it could be speckled with patches of green trees, becoming less common as the altitude climbed.
Forests are a part of nature that I as a child always loved. I used to play and explore in the forest behind my neighborhood all of the time. This painted, by Ladislav Mednyánszky, I feel captures all of the feelings and familiarities I had as a child. Way way the trees are painted reminds me of the patterns and colors that the leaves would make in the late evening as the sun set. I also chose this picture because while showing beauty, it also has an almost creepy sensation to it.
Farmland has some of the prettiest scenery you can get. This photo of Lancaster PA, by Claver Carroll, is a perfect example of that. Mostly consisting of green vegetation, this picture has a lot to offer. The way the fields look make it look like it could be part of a painting. I also really like the Horse and Carriage on the modern day road. It shows how some traditions don't break.
This is a picture of the Empire State Building on a foggy day in 1961. The photo was taken by Howard Sochurek. I put this photo in here because the empire state building was a monumental building in both engineering and art. It was the tallest building in the world at the time of its construction. I have also never seen a building look like this one before. I chose this specific picture of it because the way the low fog is, it makes the building look like its above the clouds.
This picture is Anna Heyward Taylor's interpretation of waves cresting in the ocean. It has an almost cartoon look about it that I like a lot. Something I have noticed with more cartoon like drawings and paintings is that people draw wind and water with similar qualities. I think that is pretty interesting because when you compare the two, they have very similar qualities about them.
The title of this piece is "Clouds #1" and its by Matthys Gerber. What caught my eye about it was the fact that I have never seen clouds look quite this. The way that Gerber took this painting of what may seem a simple thing, and made it complex and interesting amazes me/ they have a sharpness about them that you just don't see in regular clouds.
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