Life During The Great Depression

The Dust Bowl was an agricultrual,ecnomic and social disaster that took place texas. extreme drought and high winds destroyed the farmland of the great plains. Severe dust storms were created that would blackout.
was a political leader. was in the depression. was the president.
was a writer during tjhe great depression . things that happened in trhe uniuted states gave hm alot of stuff to write about. he wroteabout the dust bowl.
This started a work relif program. This helped men get jobs.this was part of the new deal.
The New Deal was series of domestic programs. The programs was a reponse to the great depression.The New Deal produced a political realignment.
During the great Depression thousands of umemployed residents who could not pay their rent. People were evicted out of there houses. The line was very big.
About 12 million people were out of jobs for that they made soup kitchens. If you were in the country you would have to walk to a nearby community. They soup kitchens in churches.
Hoboes first appeared on railroads.Hoboes are people that dont have jobs. They Rome around.
it helped get people get jobs. it seperated 7 states.
Was the president at the time. Stockmarket crashed when he was president. nobody liked him
It had 43,000 people at a event. it envolved vetrans. people didnt ;like it.
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