By: Jackie Cole 

This picture has the beauty of the landscaping around the palace. It must have been hard to keep everything the way it is with none of the machines we have today to take care of landscaping like this.
The Grande Galerie served daily as a passageway and a waiting and meeting place, frequented by courtiers and the visiting public. It is very beautiful and ornate.
This picture shows the first Versailles, the one built by Le Vau, followed the palace built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, the Hall of Mirrors and the North and South Wings.
In this picture, Louis XIV crushing Heresy in the form of an old woman grasping a snake on a pile of books from which other snakes spring out. It shows that he can conquer many things.
This picture shows that this palace is massive. It shows a panoramic view of the palace of Versailles. The artist has placed here with very great precision the different buildings of the Palace at the end of the first embellishment works ordered by Louis XIV.
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