Animals in civilization

I choose this subject because I really like animals, and I find it fascinating that we have been using animals in same and different ways for thousands of years.

I choose this mural because it reminds us that even scary animals can be used for aesthetic enjoyment. This is fine art because its a large skilled painting.
I choose this picture because its cute and funny, and even though we have invaded nature with giant concrete and steel metropolis, nature still finds a way be our friend. Craft because its a photograph
I choose this because it exemplifies the amazing utility animals have had throughout history. This is fine art because its a painting/drawing.
I choose this painting because it is really pretty and visually pleasant (like anything with cute dogs). It reminds me of myself. Fine art because its a well made painting.
I choose this because it is another example of humans using dogs, thousands of years before the 1800's painting. This would be craft because its a statue made before the Renaissance.
Credits: All media
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