Color schemes

The Color Scheme for this artwork is Monochromatic because the color black was used in the way of monochromatic. This cause a mood of inferiority.
This Color Scheme is Complementary because of the Blue Shirt & Background complement the orange Hair and Beard nicely. This cause a mood a serious mood to arise.
The Color Scheme used here is triadic because of the colors Green, Purple and orange which causes it. The mood here is beauty.
The Color Scheme of this is Warm colors which involved Yellow, Orange, and a hint of red. This causes a warming mood.
The Color Scheme for this is Cool Colors which involved Blue, Green, and Violet. This causes a Cool feeling in the mood.
The Color Scheme for this one is Analogous which in this one involves Green, Light Green, and Blue. This causes a very outdoors kind of mood.
Credits: All media
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