Colors and the Vibrancy They Bring to Art Pieces

The pieces included in this gallery were chosen because of their eye-catching colors and/or their ability to utilize the colors in a meaningful way.

The use of colors in this picture was quite beautiful. I feel that each color was nicely used to create a storyline in the tapestry and the entire thing is pleasing to look at.
The colors in this are beautifully used and seem to help the pictures play out like scenes from a movie.
To me, all use of color doesn't have to be flashy. I chose this painting because of the vibrant simplicity shown, from the orange coat the man is wearing to the green grass.
The blending of colors in this painting is great. They almost seem the glitter. It achieves an almost whimsical feel that would otherwise be hard to capture without the use of colors.
An art piece doesn't have to have every color in the rainbow to create a colorful masterpiece. I chose this mural because it successfully portrays the emotion that the artist was trying to achieve by simply using the colors blue and green.
I chose this because the green is so strikingly vivid.
Like the gemstone before this, the color caught my attention.
This was very beautiful to me. I chose it because I think the colors adequately convey thoughts and emotions.
I chose this because of the contrast of the red tree against the blue river.
I chose this because with the smoky backdrop, the red really pops out and becomes a focal point for the painting.
I chose this because of the vibrant colors used for all of the fabrics.
The colors in this mural add not only to the meaning of it, but also to the vividness of the piece.
This caught my eye because of the rich, blue color used for the water and the golden sand.
I really liked the colors used for this man's clothes. I especially like his red shirt which looks near photographic.
I chose this because no particular color was used, but they each brought the picture to life in some way. I particularly like how the sky mimicked almost every color that was used throughout.