Complimentary Colors, Reinforcing Each Other

I chose this piece because it is a very early example of complimentary colors used in a piece of work. In this piece you see a few different complimentary colors being used, such as the green as the bottom, followed up by the red in the center. You also see there is some orange on what looks to be a throne and the blue of the sky. 
I added this piece to my collection because not only did I love the design on what looks to be a very old tapestry but my it is a beautiful example of the early use of complimentary colors. The colors orange and blue displayed together bring out the patten.
I chose this piece because it is a very old plate from the 18th century. This piece clearly demonstrates the proper use of complimentary colors. The colors red and green. 
I chose this piece by William Morris because not only is it titled Peacock, which is a bird that has a brilliant display of complimentary colors in itself but because of the way the peacock is represented as a design element in the piece of work. I love the layout and how the complimentary colors are muted but they are still doing the job at hand. 
I chose this self portrait of Van Gogh because, I love the contrast of his orange beard against the vibrant blue background. In the background you can even see that he used little dots of orange to give it just a little more contrast in the picture. 
I chose this piece by John Russell because I love the light pastel colors used in this picture as well as the complimentary colors. The purple mountains in the background and the yellow grass with little hints of purple in the flower bushes scattered about and the purple stones. You can even see little hints of orange here and there which goes great with the blue water. 
I chose this piece of work because it is a perfect example of how complimentary colors reinforce one another and bring life to a painting. The green grass and the field of red poppies contrast beautifully with one another. Also if you look into the distance you can see a little hint of yellow land and a purplish tint in the sky. 
I chose this piece because it shows many examples of complimentary colors used in a textile. I love the contrast between the woman in red and the green tree hovering over top of her. You can also see a little bit of violet and yellow and orange and blue which gives it just a little more contrast. 
I chose this piece by Edvard Munch because he does show complimentary colors in this piece however it doesn't stand out as much as some of the other pieces I chose. You get a little bit of every complimentary color in this piece, but when you look at the rocks they're made up of multiple colors. The colors are scattered around but it still gives off a good contrast and the colors still reinforce one another.  
I chose another piece by Edvard Munch because I especially love the was he used complimentary colors in the painting. This painting has large yellow logs in the center of the piece which first directs your eyes there, but then you look a the trees in the front that are tinted purple. With the contrast of yellow and purple and the white of the snow, the piece keeps yours eyes looking around the painting. You also see little hints of red and green in the background, which helps your eyes move back there. 
I chose to do this piece because i've always loved the contrast of blue and orange. This picture centered around the woman in the middle of the painting and the gold frame around the woman and the blue background helps to center her and make her really stand out. Also you see the red cloth on the table and the green tin sitting in front of her, helps your eyes to stay of her as well. The artist did a good job using these colors to make a focal point in this piece. 
I chose this piece because of how the colors are laid out. You have this red hill towards the bottom center with green bushes and trees in the front that lead into a circle around to the back where you see an oaring tree sitting on a blue plot of land. The layout of the piece and the placement of the colors keep you moving around the piece. 
I like this picture because it's impressionism. This artist wanted to show the placement of the colors and the way the light is hitting the woman in the straw hat. The blue of her shirt and the orange wicker chair keep you focused on her. Then you get a little hint of green on the walls and red in the background. The colors work beautifully in this picture, it sets up a very warm tone for the piece. 
I liked this piece because it was very simple and different. The colors in the piece really work against the black background. The complimentary colors in the piece are green and red fish. Purple and yellow fish and some yellow sea plants. I really like the  colors and design for this one. 
This is probably one of my favorite examples. Not only is the picture more modern, but i love the color choice in this piece. The green in the center keeps you focused on that, but the violet in the sky almost works as a red in the piece and really gives the house contrast and definition. Also you get the hints of yellow scattered throughout the painting against the purple sky. This piece pops and the color use really works for it, in my opinion.