"Every age projects its own image in its arts."                                                                                                                  The baroque period was defined by many new styles and techniques. Some of the most important characteristics of the Baroque period are an emotional and dramatic feeling, lights and colors were brighter than bright and  darks were darker than dark, and there was a return to ecclesiastical subjects as well as portraits. There was also a new interest in curves rather than straight lines. The artists no longer wanted their work to speak solely to the educated and wealthy, they wanted to be able to communicate to the poor and uneducated through their art.                                                                                                                                 The two artists included in this gallery are Diego Velázquez and Sir Peter Paul Rubens.                 

This painting features a clear indication of the Baroque characteristics. The two main characteristics seen in this portrait are an emphasis on darks vs lights and on curved rather than straight lines. The darks can be seen in the background and the clothing worn by the musicians. The lights and curves can both be seen in the faces and the accents on the clothing. This a a very interesting painting and it is very detailed and does a great job of characterizing the Baroque period.
This painting by Velazquez displays many of the characteristics typically used during the Baroque period including; the curved lines in the clothing and the tablecloth, the extreme darkness in the background and dark tones and the lightness of the subjects' faces.You can tell its Baroque because of the aforementioned characteristics and the emphasis on portraiture, the painting is all about the people in it.
This is clearly a Baroque piece because it is once again a portrait and features many Baroque characteristics mostly curved v.s. straight lines and the colors being either extremely dark or very bright. This was the most common characteristic and is in almost all Baroque pieces.
This is clearly a Baroque painting because it looks like a portrait, but is religious in nature, which was very common in the Baroque because art served as part of the counter-reformation and was intended to bring people back to the Roman Catholic faith.
This painting features religious themes, however i highly doubt that it was part of the counter reformation because the subjects featured are from Roman legend. This painting has the usual characteristics of a Baroque piece, the ornamentation, curved lines, and the darks vs lights.
This work of art is not religious in nature at all, however it is definitely a Baroque piece because all those same common characteristics are present. This painting's background is extremely dark however the light from the coal is very bright. The childrens faces are very rounded and this piece has a focus on the portraiture.
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