Balance is when both sides of a piece of art look evenly weighted. Balance is used in this picture because if you were to cut the picture in half both sides would be the same. So when you look at the picture both sides look evenly balanced or weighted.
Repetition is when the artist uses the same element or design several times in their artwork. Repetition is used in this painting because the same design was used more than one time.
Emphasis is when other objects in a piece of art make another object stand out. Emphasis is used in this painting because it has a focal point, which is the dominate part of the painting. All of the other parts of the painting make the focal point stand out.
Contrast is showed in this painting because there are two totally opposite colors right next to each other which is a type of contrast.
Unity is shown in this painting because everything and everyone are in the right place. Texture is also in this painting because the artist used just dots to make the painting.
Proportion is used in this painting because there are two people standing next to each other so it compares both of heights.
Variety is used in this painting because it has many elements in it and it gives the eye several things to focus on.
Movement is used in this photo because it shows the person in the photo blowing out a candle. It catches the actual action of the candle being blown out.
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